Came to Istanbul to have her nose, chin and cheeks.

Many people who want plastic surgery to look like the world-famous star, a Brazilian model who also said she wanted to look like Kardashian chose Turkey to be operated. Jennifer Pamplona, ​​who said that there are 11 operations to date, came to Istanbul to have her nose, chin and cheeks.

In Turkey, she said, she felt very safe, ​​indicated that she will have her future operations here again and said: "I came here because of Dr. Cihantimur.  I'm very confident and I feel very confident safe in Turkey. Contour my body to simulate Kardashian I do not know exactly what to do, but ... I will wait and see what happens ... I once had 9 operations in 24 hours and now I have 11 in total. I had surgery last year, the butt prosthesis was made. maybe I can repeat butt implant replacement surgery after this surgery. I think this year I will come back to Turkey because I love Turkey as well. "


Dr. Cihantimur said that they did not operate her,  in order for her  to look like a celebrity and continued as follows: "When someone contacts my hospital, saying I want to look like this, we look suspiciously at him or her and we do not welcome him or her positively ... But if he himself is a populace, I do it on the computer how I would make them look, especially the nose and I will do a study on how the shape of the face can be made up. Kim Kardashian's temporal bones are more prominent, so if I look at the facial features outside the nose, I will use the spider web technique to get her cheeks upwards. I think that this patient is more masculine and evident.I think it will look a lot like the person who wants to thin them up and take the cheeks up higher and make his nose look like the one he likes. "

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Kim Kardashian wants to look like a model in Turkey was the 12th surgery


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