I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen since high school. After high school, we all have gone different places. I preferred getting married. He was a good, wealthy guy who was working as a public officer. I didn’t work, I raised two children and now they are grownups.


It had been more than twenty years since I hadn’t seen my friend. I knew he was happily married and had two kids. Before the meeting, I had my hair done, I put a little make up and I went to the meeting place with old photographs in my bag. He was waiting for me on the table, he welcomed me with his gentle and smooth voice and we hugged.


Another friend of mine was almost the same, she didn’t change much. Her face, hands, skin were fresh, smooth like on the photographs and she looked happy. I started feeling strangely envious and self-hatred. We had been friends since high school but the time stopped for her as it passed very fast for me. She had always taken care of herself; she always had hand cream in her bag. When I asked her how she had managed to stay so young, she told me about the benefits of aesthetic surgery. She talked about the applications she had for her face, her diet and exercise. At that moment I thought “you’re a miracle of aesthetic surgery” and I felt relieved. She was getting aesthetic surgeries; otherwise it wasn’t possible to stay this young. I felt relieved with a little envy, cynicism and I started looking down on her. I hadn’t had anything done and I could look younger if I had. But I was against aesthetic surgery!


When I got home, I took my clothes off and looked into the mirror. After two kids, I had stretch marks on my belly, my breasts were droopy, I had deformed butts and I was looking at myself with a stiff facial expression. The pride of being against to aesthetic surgery was long gone.


Then, I found out that there were other feelings behind the statement “I am against aesthetic surgery”. I noticed that I was comparing myself with celebrities around my age and trying to comfort myself by thinking that they were getting aesthetic surgeries. Aesthetic operations weren’t only for celebrities or people in the limelight, my friend had stopped the time. I needed to stop consoling myself, it was useless. My children are going to get married, have grandchildren, I am going to love and take care of them and then am I going to wait for my death with new wrinkles on my face? The life was done, the youth was gone. At that moment, I started thinking about the past 20 years and wanted to change. That face, that body was mine. I had so many things to do and I needed a face and body that will go well with the energy inside me. I called her and asked her to help me.


I had the Spider Web Facial Aesthetic and fat transplant on my face. Of course I am not a teen anymore but the lines on my face have reduced and my skin is tighter. My eyes started looking better. My tired and lifeless face had gone and a fresh, happy and peaceful smile came. I feel like my husband is looking at me as he used to and we have a more intimate relationship. Moreover, I was looking at the mirror in a different way. In the future, I want to do some changes on my body as well and I want to stop aging during my mid-forties. My only regret now is that I didn’t act with this consciousness before. I wish my attitude towards aesthetic surgery had changed before and I had erased the lines of the past.


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