My problem was that the labia of my female genital organ were larger than usual. I didn’t notice that I had such a problem until I had my first period. People become aware of their private areas, but they don’t think about how they should look like. I noticed my problem when I started having inconveniences. When I had my period, it was very painful to use the toilet because the droopy and thick labia had irritation caused by friction of pads I used. The pads made from cotton were not helping.


At the age of 13-14, those scars on my genital area were reappearing every month and I was getting my next period till I recover from the scars. I still don’t understand why I didn’t question the reason of this drooping or if other people had the same problem when I examined that area while waxing. After some time, even my cotton underwear started to hurt me because of friction. Walking, running, crossing legs was extremely painful. Just like men, I had a piece of skin between my legs and because of this; I could never feel like a woman.


Now I am 34 years old and I have been dealing with this problem for twenty years. Wearing skinny jeans or bathing suits were a nightmare. This private, secret and inexpressible problem lived with me for years. Even though it was hidden, it killed me inside and caused me to keep men away from myself. It turned my summer holidays into a nightmare.


I was running away from men all my life. I couldn’t even flirt. This feeling caused me to step back and try not to draw attention. I began my career in my 20s and these scars were scabbed, the skin became like the heel skin and its color started darkening. Suffering became like a habit, I had embraced it.


Last year, I changed my job and I met someone there. It was the first time that I had strong feelings for a man. But I was shy because of my condition; I couldn’t express myself and I acted like a little girl. I was running away, as he approached. My negative behavior caused him to get away from me. One day, I saw him holding hands with another girl and I was devastated. I even considered suicide because I lost him. I didn’t want to accept that body of mine.


When I remember those days, I get angry at myself for not looking for a solution before.


When I started doing some research about the problem on my genital area, I found out that I wasn’t alone. When I searched “disfigurement of the labia” on the Internet, I entered to a whole new world. My problem even had a name in medicine. Women are writing about her problems on blogs. They have been given some doctor names and told about their problems before and after the operation. When I was researching on some blogs, I saw a patient explaining her problems and experiences under the title “Genital Rejuvenation”. This title helped me to get another perspective about life. To talk about the problem’s solution, I think it is the best statement to say “treating the private area like treating the face”.


And then I came to Mr. Bülent’s clinic in Bursa. He told me about all of the operation process and after one week he performed the surgery. Right now, the way I walk, talk and my attitude have completely changed. I went running to get myself some underwear and skinny jeans. I decided not to remember all those painful years. I am thankful to God, for helping and guiding me to solve my problem. Now, all I want is to fall in love again and enjoy the feelings that I couldn’t before.


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