In our country, cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic operations and yes, I am one of those people, I had my nose done last year. It was crooked and hooked. I didn’t like having my photos taken from profile and I always kept my hair down to hide my face and nose. I was snoring because my crooked nose, making it hard to breath. These are what I knew. After my interview with Operator Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, I have learned many other things. For example, waking up tired, dark circles under my eyes, my pale skin was all because of my nose. However, I only cared about beauty and my profile.


There are genetic problems with our noses. We are not a family that has nice, small noses. Before me, my sister had her nose done by another surgeon. She had a long healing process with pain, swelling, edema and bruising. At the end of this process, she got a very fake and unaesthetic nose, which didn’t go well with her face. My mother tried to help my sister for a long time and my sister had to get another surgery. Because of this bad example, my parents objected to my surgery and my father even said that he wasn’t going to pay for it.


Last year, finally I convinced my mother and we went to Mr. Bülent’s clinic. First, he looked at my sister and explained the reason why she didn’t like her nose and why she had problems. He explained that my sister’s operations caused her serious damages, most of the skin was gone and there was no area to work on. When he turned to me, I got a chance to see the possible result on digital media.


That day, I understood the importance of a trustful relationship between doctor and patient. Conversations before the operation are very beneficial for the surgery. I suggest you to have long conversations with your doctor and see the before after photos of previous applications.


At the age of 22, I would have my dream nose. Now I have a nose that goes well with my face, I stopped snoring, my dark circles and fatigue are gone and my skin is renewed. My sister was suffering and my mother blamed herself for years, but my successful operation relieved us a little bit.


Mr. Bulent approached these two cases in different ways, he said “yes” to the possible and “I am sorry” to the impossible. He explained the situation clearly without hurting her feelings and ruining her hopes and dreams. He told my sister to take care of her hair, eyes, lips and skin instead of her nose.


Actually, this conversation itself was enough for my sister. My sister stopped obsessing over her nose and I became very confident with my new nose. It was like, I was more beautiful and more like me. Before I couldn’t breathe easily, but now I breathe and feel that I am alive.


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