During his school years, people’s physical properties determine their nicknames. I got my share from that. People used to call me with humiliating names. People think that aesthetic surgery is only for women; especially in Turkish society men are mostly defined by their character instead of their physical appearance; adjectives like “manly man, courageous, brave” are used for them. This prejudgment caused me to live with those ears for 27 years.


Ever since I could remember, the only thing I see on the mirror is my ears. At the age of 5-6, even when I wasn’t aware of this situation, my friends caused me to find out that I had abnormal ears with their insults. My friends were calling me nicknames because of my ears. Even if I seemed cool about this issue, I knew that secretly I hated this abnormality. But appearance is the most important issue for adolescents since others pay attention to it during this period. My ears caused me to be insulted during high school years. During school years when I was obliged to cut my hair, I couldn’t hide my ears with my hair. It ruined my relationships with girls and took away my self-esteem. 


During summer, at the age of 17, I started to grow my hair and I didn’t go to a barber for ten years. Now they started calling names because of my long hair. During university years, my ears were a problem for my relationship with girls. Glue helped my ears, which were even seen through my hair. I am not kidding, for a long time I glued my ears.


My ears caused me to live with the fear of rejection. University ended and I was called to join the army. Joining army meant getting a haircut. That’s why I started my master and PhD. This story may sound funny to you but my ears limited my academic career and my relationship with girls and I couldn’t go to army because of my problem.


Today, I am a 27-year-old engineer. One day, I found myself thinking “why all those scientific studies that I had carried out didn’t help my self-esteem?” Why I wasn’t trying to find a solution for my ears, why I was avoiding from army duty, being shy around girls and growing my hair? It was insane. I had tried everything but I hadn’t considered aesthetic surgery.


When I was struggling with those, I saw a newspaper title about non-surgical cosmetic ear correction. My researches brought me to Mr. Bülent. I watched his applications, methods on his videos and then I made an appointment. During our pre-interview, I told him about my problem and its effects on my life. That day, this was what I understood from what Mr. Bülent had said: There were many men, who had the same problem, I wasn’t the only one and it had a solution. I learned that parents can eliminate this problem and this operation can be performed on very young children to help them have a healthier psychological process during their childhood.


I didn’t want to live with this problem for the rest of my life. A non-surgical application was performed under local anesthesia. I got through this period without any pain or complication. This simple problem took my 27 years away. Now I want to complete my army duty and continue to my life with my short hair and my own name.


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