Even if men have them as well, breasts are identified with women. Men have breasts too, yes, and it is an erogenous zone for them too but there is no such thing as a busty man. My problem starts right from here. I am not talking about muscular, built-up breasts; they are fatty men breasts that have caused me huge problems.


Actually, I wasn’t a fat man. I have a normal weight. However, still it was making my breasts look even larger. If I was fat, I would say my breasts were large because of my weight but they weren’t. These unmanly swellings were causing me to have problems with my wife, kids and I was feeling uncomfortable in my social life.


Especially in summer, I was wearing tight undershirts to hide these swellings but it was a torture in hot weather. My breasts were visible through any clothes; can you imagine them on the beach?! I was trying to go isolated places so that no one could see me with bathing suit. I was going to attend an important business meeting, I used to wear corset on my chest area to squeeze my breasts and make them look smaller. This was making me upset and uncomfortable.


My wife was talking about breast reduction surgeries. Actually, my condition was not the breast reduction; it was a surgery for removing fat from male breast, in other words gynecomastia in medical language. Many things like the surgery, anesthesia, long healing process, being unable to go to work was causing me to be afraid of this operation.


A couple months ago, one of my relatives went to Mr. Bülent’s clinic to get hair transplantation. Since he had seen my problems during last summer holiday, he took some brochures and obtained some information about gynecomasty surgery. He called me and gave me information about a simple, non-surgical application, which is done by removing fat from that area. I was shy as always. However, my wife researched on this issue, learned about the whole process and met Mr. Bülent. One night, my wife and son explained the issue to me. They made appointment.


I accepted because they had taken their time to make appointment. Mr. Bülent told me about the process. First he said that it was a non-surgical application and a small canal is going to be opened to remove the excess fat. When I got home, my son showed me the videos of this liposculpture method and finally, I decided to make another appointment.


I think the operation took half an hour.  I didn’t feel pain nor had other complaints. I didn’t go to work on Friday, I rested at the weekend and I went back to work on Monday. Now, I have normal male breasts. We threw away my corsets and tight T-shirts. I am extremely happy and I started planning our holiday with my children.


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