Five weeks post- op, ten days away from Istanbul: physically, I am doing great- emotionally I am nostalgic! Is it the beautiful Istanbul that I’m missing or the kindness and care I received during and after my surgeries?

The care starts through Dr. Bulent’s health consultants, one of which is the enthusiastic Muge who is available to answer questions and address concerns. I’m grateful to her for being there for me before and during my trip.

The care continues upon arrival in Istanbul. Patients are picked up, guided, and taken to Dr. Bulent’s hospital by guides at the airport and drivers, all organized by Dr. Bulent’s Guest Relation team, expertly led by Ipek. The transfers are organized by Gunay whose competency in synchronizing the events and dealing with crises managed to amaze me on many occasions. I wouldn’t have been able to manage my trip without Gunay- she saved me on many occasions and she was available 24/7.

The Guest Relation team is the first to warmly welcome patients upon arrival in Istanbul and then every time at the hospital. Although practically a hospital, it looks, sounds, feels, and smells like a five star hotel that your charming family own and operate and are waiting to celebrate your arrival. Ipek and her team treat patients wholeheartedly, with utmost kindness and respect, greet and invite them to their exotic sour cherry/cinnamon tea or coffee in the luxurious waiting area. The choice of music is absolutely brilliant as it is the most relaxing sound; however, unlike other relaxing tones, the more you hear, the more interested you become in hearing more …I have not experienced anything like that- I catch myself humming the sound all the time at work now!

Then there is the medical team, headed by the amazingly talented Dr. Bulent whose aptitudes and competencies are beyond descriptive words; the courteous, sweet, my adorable anesthesiologist Dr. Murat whom I miss a lot; and last but not the least the beautiful souls, wonderful nurses: Belma my sweet scholar who found medication compatible with my physiological sensitivities and was available for me 24/7. I would not have a smooth post-op had it not been for Belma and for that I’m forever grateful; Oxana the beautiful china-doll with the finest touch caring for me at my post-op visits. Noria, whose voice I never forget whispering kindly in my ear my name in conjunction with kindest adjectives and caressing my wounds compassionately when applying my medication. Sevgi, the incredible massage therapist with her magic touch. I did not need my biological family with me as I had my surgical with me from the moment I decided I trust Dr. Bulent and what a smart decision that was.


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