When I think about the past, I tell myself that we were not like it  26 years ago. My husband was crazy about me. He used to want to see me everyday, came to my door, waited under my window. Then marriage, children and the time passed. We struggled together, but when our children were born, I was estranged from business life. He devoted himself to his career and I devoted myself to my kids.


Everything was good until the last three years. My husband started working as a director in a company and I couldn’t see him because of meetings and business travels. He was coming home late and tired and leaving home early in the morning. One of the kids had recently finished the university, other is studying for the exams and while I was dealing with their problems, my husband was distancing himself away from me.


Sometimes we had arguments, but he started using the words “divorce” and “leaving” for the last three years. I was baffled, actually.  One day, I wanted to go to his workplace, we weren’t very happy about this.  Of course I was suspicious. I visited him on his lunch break. His work place was a corporate where many friendly people were working and my husband had a respectable position.


I went back home and I tried to visualize his colleagues and personnel. I thought for a second and I looked myself in the mirror. The old I was gone. My red cheeks were drooping; my thin body became fat and old. I didn’t know the ages of the women around my husband, but they were definitely very well-groomed and young. I was thinking about my husband too. He had that beer belly. He had lost his hair, I thought that he had become worse looking than me and I comforted myself. I got caught up with kids, housework and friends again. I comforted myself by thinking that my husband’s female colleagues wouldn’t like him.


When my husband came home late one night, he was carrying a sports bag; obviously he started going to gym. Firstly, I was very happy. My husband had never done sports, he only was watching television. I wanted to join him but he said, “It is near my workplace and I go after work.” His work place was far from home. He was right, I couldn’t. But I didn’t want to go alone, besides there are other gyms in our neighborhood.


Then he started to consider hair transplantation. Of course, he started with hair care. When my husband first met me, he used to put lemon juice on his hair but since then, he doesn’t take care of himself except combing his hair.  My husband, who normally doesn’t use perfume, started buying some. I was well aware that something had changed. But I wasn’t the one who changed. He was.  He started taking care of himself. At first, I thought that it was a normal phase. He had colleagues, a new position and he had to take care of himself. To be honest, I was a little bit suspicious. I wasn’t like any other women, I liked taking precautions. I would not leave anything to the last minute. However, this time it wasn’t like that.


My husband started being at meetings and business dinners all the time. We didn’t have a proper husband wife relationship. I was an outgoing, confident woman but I withdrew into myself. I started watching, checking out all middle aged women. We started arguing with my husband. I was against his hair transplantation. But eventually, I saw him did it.


He told me, “You’re so uncared and you look like an old lady; if you continue like this, you’ll become like a grandmother”... And the other day, I started researching. I wasn’t a type to give up easily. I had seen Bülent Cihantimur on a morning program. I made an appointment and went to him. I told him about all my problems. I only said him, “Mr. Bülent, make me younger and help me to make my husband crazy about me”.  I gave everything up to him. The first operation was facelift; a special method named Spider Web was used. The second was liposculpture and the third was breast augmentation and the fourth was laser, facial care...


I told my husband that I had gone to my mother’s for holiday. I met him after two weeks. He rang the doorbell; my son opened the door while I was sitting in the living room. He came in, passed me by, went into the bedroom and then came back and said “What have you done?” We had a huge fight. He said that he was upset about what I’ve done, then I went to the bedroom and I texted Mr. Bülent to let him know about the issue.  The message he sent me was, “Just wait”.


It was night. He came into the bedroom and looked at me carefully. Then he said, “Come, let’s drink some wine”. We went to the balcony and filled our glasses with wines, which hadn’t been touched for three years. After I was fully recovered, we went to holiday. Now my husband invites me to almost all of his business dinners. Meeting Mr. Bülent was a breakthrough for my life. Now I am back in my 20’s. Maybe physically or spiritually I don’t know, but I started living again.


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