Me and my husband have been married for 30 years and we have 2 kids. After my mid-forties, symptoms of menopause began. This process psychologically affected me and I started care about the things that I hadn’t cared before. On the other hand, I wasn’t feeling womanly or feminine, I felt like I was no longer a woman. That period affected our relationship with my husband. I started to feel less feminine and older; I couldn’t stand my daily life.


Actually, my problem was coming from way before. I gave birth to my sons with natural delivery. On my genital area, now I know that on my outer genital area, a deformation had occurred, but we took it as a gift from our sons. The important problem was the vaginal canal; my internal genital region. My canal was enlarged because of normal delivery and affected the pleasure of me and my husband. But you cannot easily talk about such problems. I tried to talk with my gynecologist but now I understand that they don’t want to be involved in these issues; I hear this from other people too.


Accepting that situation caused our sex life to become low-key. After Menopause, laxity in the internal and external genital region increased even more. With my emotional burnout, our sex life was interrupted. In this period, I reached Mr. Bülent. After a pre-interview including my psychological state, I made my decision to get this operation that scares me a lot. It was not as I feared.


Now I am 52 years old. Thanks to these operations, I started feeling pleasure and our sexual life became as it used to be. And as a menopausal woman, I stopped feeling old and less feminine. It was a reason for me to start over my life.



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