La nostalgie c'est le désir d'on ne sait quoi

Five weeks post- op, ten days away from Istanbul: physically, I am doing great- emotionally I am nostalgic! Is it the beautiful Istanbul that I’m missing or the kindness and care I received during and after my surgeries?

The care starts through Dr. Bulent’s health consultant

“Waking up tired, dark circles under my eyes, my pale skin was all because of my nose.”

In our country, cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic operations and yes, I am one of those people, I had my nose done last year. It was crooked and hooked. I didn’t like having my photos taken from profile and I always kept my hair down to hide my face and nose. I was

“I was feeling some corrosion on my intimate area, just like my face.”

It was my birthday a week ago. I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Altogether, we celebrated my 70th birthday.  My husband and I are retired. Thankfully, we are living a pleasant life with some savings remained form our family. I always took care of myself and my diet. I raised my daught

“My patient’s problem was having a single breast.”

She came to my clinic one year ago. She was a 42-year-old, attractive, well-groomed, successful woman who could express herself well. She was good at technology, she had been following me on the digital media and she was aware about the latest operation methods. When patients come into my room, I

“Walking, running, crossing legs were extremely painful.”

My problem was that the labia of my female genital organ were larger than usual. I didn’t notice that I had such a problem until I had my first period. People become aware of their private areas, but they don’t think about how they should look like. I noticed my problem when I started

I had an sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago and got the ideal weight.

I had an sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago and got the ideal weight. But my body has an extreme sagging. I can say that Doctor B has retouched my whole body. My arms, my legs, my breasts, and my tummy were straightened down. I am so happy!

“After Menopause, laxity in the internal and external genital region increased even more.”

Me and my husband have been married for 30 years and we have 2 kids. After my mid-forties, symptoms of menopause began. This process psychologically affected me and I started care about the things that I hadn’t cared before. On the other hand, I wasn’t feeling womanly or feminine, I f

“My breasts were visible through any clothes; can you imagine them on the beach?!”

Even if men have them as well, breasts are identified with women. Men have breasts too, yes, and it is an erogenous zone for them too but there is no such thing as a busty man. My problem starts right from here. I am not talking about muscular, built-up breasts; they are fatty men breasts that ha

“My ears limited my academic career and my relationship with girls.”

During his school years, people’s physical properties determine their nicknames. I got my share from that. People used to call me with humiliating names. People think that aesthetic surgery is only for women; especially in Turkish society men are mostly defined by their character instead of

“While I was dealing with housework and kids, my husband was seeing another woman...”

I educated hundreds of children and I retired last year. My husband and I worked hard to raise our two sons and now they are engineers and happily married. I was dreaming about retirement for years but after years of working, when I started living a quiet life at home I felt like a fish out of wa

“Years didn’t affect my friend at all. I stared feeling strangely envious and self-hatred.”

I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen since high school. After high school, we all have gone different places. I preferred getting married. He was a good, wealthy guy who was working as a public officer. I didn’t work, I raised two children and now they are grownups.


“I had a droopy belly in front of me, and I couldn’t build it up with exercise.”

One morning, I woke up and I smiled at the beautiful spring sun. I had just had the best dream; I had a tummy tuck surgery that I had been wanting for years and I was looking at my reflection on the mirror. I continued to give myself to that beautiful dream. I could faintly hear my children&rsquo

He told me, “If you continue like this, you’ll become like a grandmother”.

When I think about the past, I tell myself that we were not like it  26 years ago. My husband was crazy about me. He used to want to see me everyday, came to my door, waited under my window. Then marriage, children and the time passed. We struggled together, but when our children were born,


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