Finding a plastic surgeon is as significant as deciding any aesthetic treatment and it should be analyzed after a proper research. Generally, asking questions, researching and scanning should be the initial processes. However, the way you interpret the results and the way you properly evaluate them are very important. We have some suggestions to help you evaluate the results you obtained during this process.


Just like examining CV’s for a job interview, you should examine a plastic surgeon’s CV. Where did they study, what have they accomplished, what is their area of specialization? All of these are the details which will provide you information about the life and professional experience of the plastic surgeon.

Artistic Activities

A plastic surgeon should have an artistic perspective. This can be sculpture, jewelry design or literature. Even if the mentioned artistic perspective is an innate ability, a plastic surgeon should keep this ability alive and put it into practice.

Publications, Articles

Before choosing your plastic surgeon, search the internet and newspapers. Read their articles and interviews. All of these will give you effective answers about the plastic surgeon. The words, expression, answers and tone during interviews tell you about the plastic surgeon.

Associations, Memberships, Conferences

Plastic surgeons should be social. It is important for the surgeon to have good human relations, be in the society, give speeches in the associations, attend conferences and follow the innovations. The frequency of attendance at local and international congresses shows the up-to-datedness of the surgeon’s professional background.

Before - After Photographs

Before and after photographs of the plastic surgeon’s former operations will tell you so much. Be careful that the photographs are medical and taken from the same angle, background and under the same light.

Pre-Interview Impressions

You may request preliminary meeting from your plastic surgeon. Their answers, approach, hospitality, clinical environment are very important for you to make your choice.

Anesthesia Team

Your plastic surgeon should have an anesthesia team; this is very important. It is essential for a clinic to have a group of anesthesia professionals the plastic surgeon teamed with in time instead of using a team from outside the clinic or the hospital. This will help and support the patient during the pre-operation, post-operation and healing periods. Not to feel pain, a comfortable operation gives the chance to be able to get rid of the effect of anesthesia instantly.

Views Of Other Patients

You can contact former plastic surgery patients and get their ideas and experiences. This is going to help you to choose your plastic surgeon and it is going to be a reference.


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