The most sincere book written by a cosmetic surgeon!

You will be surprised, often you will question, occasionally will object and with its unique statements you are going to make it a bedside book!

We were all created beautiful, we are all beautiful and none of us wants to age.  “Reject Aging” takes the readers on a long journey. With an opponent attitude, he says “flaws are beautiful!” by excluding stay young norms, he emphasizes why we need to love ourselves as we are.

• How to protect our skin and body? What are the factors that we can treat or can’t treat?
• What are the Spider Web Facial Aesthetic and other Doctor B techniques which hit the aesthetic world
• What makes you look younger and more energetic?
• Why nose is not essential aesthetically? What are the most important 4 areas?
• While aging physiologically, how will you reject aging?
• What is grandchild aesthetic?
• If you were blind or isolated in an island, would you get aesthetic interventions?
• How and when should you get help from an aesthetic surgery on the needs level? What are the precautions you should take while preparing for the operation, how should be the ethical attitude of the surgeon?
• What is the significance of beauty and youth for male and female relationships?
• Why should you use beauty creams?

You will find similar questions’ answers and explanations, “New Life” stories of the patients and many more in this book!

Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Doctor B, explains beauty, aging, their effect on female - male relationships, doctor-patient relationship, what should we focus in order to protect the beauty on the foundation of our creation and other miracles of aesthetic surgery.

Founder of the Spider Web Facial Aesthetic Doctor B who narrated his more than 15 years of experience and his aesthetical perspective in this book, gives unheard tips to his readers with a sincere wording by saying “There’s no such thing as an ugly person, everybody is beautiful! It’s in your power to protect the beauty and reject aging.”


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