General Information About Labioplasty

The most common aesthetic problem of the vaginal area is oversized and drooping inner labia and this problem can be solved with the Labiaplasty application. Inner labia has a folding structure that starts as a fine line from the clitoris, expands and becomes a thin line towards the back. Each woman’s inner labia size is different and most intimate body part. Concealed and non-drooping inner labia is the ideal form. Many women have concerns about asymmetric, oversized or drooping inner labia. Besides feeling discomfort from having an excessively large or misshapen labia and while wearing skinny jeans or swimsuits; it may cause rashes due to friction. Also, the disproportionate size of the labia can lead to a number of bacterial problems due to increased moisture levels. In some cases, drooping inner labia may prevent penis entry and cause painful and problematic sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty procedure prevents all these problems and provides patients with a comfortable life and an aesthetic look and designed to reshape and resize the outer lips of the vagina. 


• Easy application
• Very fast recovery time
• No stitches
• No scars

What is Labiaplasty?

The operation involves aesthetically reducing the oversized, broad, wrinkled and drooping genital inner labia. Doctor B suggests that the Labiaplasty operations should be performed on younger patients. He recommends the award-winning Genital Rejuvenation technique and approaches vaginal aesthetics from a different perspective. He also recommends labiaplasty and other combined applications such as vaginal tightening and pigmentation related problems seen with older patients and patients who have given birth

Who is a good candidate for Labiaplasty?

Every woman with functional, aesthetic and health problems in their vaginal area, Anyone who has drooping, asymmetric, large, coarse and wrinkled inner lips can be a good canditate for Labiaplasty. Doctor B also argues that the patients who have aesthetic and health problems with their inner labia or those who don’t have a total regional problem yet are suitable candidate for Labiaplasty

Examination and Consultation

Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Doctor B plans the operation in collaboration with the patient. Doctor B questions your expectations and decides whether it is possible to obtain the desired results. During the examination, problematical inner labia area is examined methods are discussed and planned. Doctor B will answer patients questions and will discuss side effects and any potential complications directly with the patient at the initial consultation. After your consultation, your photographs will be taken for medical archive.

Application of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. Doctor B prefers to use radio frequency technology for the Labiaplasty application because it causes less bleeding and damage compared to laser and electrocautery, which are common methods used for Labiaplasty surgery. Excess tissue at the area is removed using, RF- radiofrequency device. With the Radiofrequency application, inner labia is shaped easily, the existing problems are corrected and desired results achieved easily due to the anatomical structure of the region. 

After Labiaplasty

Patients have a comfortable healing process due to the advantages of Radiofrequency technology and we get extremely good results and many happy patients. Labiaplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure and patients can go home after the procedure and can return to their usual routine in one or two days.


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