General Information About Full Face Rejuvenation

Our face is the part where our expressions and feelings become visible and it is one of the most complex parts of our body composing several different kinds of tissues and functions. As a result of this complexity, the one-sided solutions for aging faces condemned to fail and  obtain more satisfied results in harmony. These challenges should be considered as a whole as in natural aging process. In this aim we apply full face rejuvenation including face, eyebrow and neck lifting, upper and lower blepharoplasty, stem cell enriched fat transfer, simple rhinoplasty and spider web aesthetics which gives us excellent results by turning the effects of time back.


• Multiple approach in a single session
• Harmonic and natural results
• Fast recovery
• Instant result


"Face is a whole and it is perceived as a whole " DoctorB 

Doctor B says the following about the Full Face Rejuvenation operation:

“I see many patients in a single day, who have problems about their nose, cheeks or any part of their face.  Most of them come with a photograph in their hands, talk about their wish of “a new face” and get information about the operations. They think that they will get a new face after fixing their nose or some part of their face. However, it is impossible to get a new face after only a nose operation or changing a single part of the face. I tell all my patients the same things about facial aesthetic operations: Face is a whole and it is perceived as a whole. "

What is the Full Face Rejuvenation?

Full Face Rejuvenation is an application performed with the methods developed by Doctor B for those who want fresh and smooth skin, young, plump cheeks and lips to become more confident and happy.

You may like your friend’s or a celebrity’s nose. When you examine it carefully, that nose is highly compatible with the face. It is in a correct location and proportional to the cheeks, eyes, forehead and jaw. In fact, this integrity causes the nose to look beautiful. That’s why, no matter how much you like it, if we make the same nose for you, the result is going to look way different and it will not suit your face. Therefore, The Full Face Rejuvenation application will make it possible to approach the face as a whole, eliminate the losses of form totally or provide a total beauty for those who want a change.

Who can get Full Face Rejuvenation?

Those who have a total form loss problem, those who don’t like the contour line on their face, their profile or those who want a more stunning and impressive face can get Full Face Rejuvenation.

Examination of Full Face Rejuvenation

The Full Face Rejuvenation examination begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Operation techniques, operation areas and necessary applications to be performed on the face are determined. Also, Doctor B answers your questions and listens to your expectations. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your face is measured.

Application of Full Face Rejuvenation

For Full Face Rejuvenation, the procedures are performed in accordance with the required areas of the face. Your nose, your eyebrows, your lips should be in harmony with your face, therefore, forehead, cheekbones and chin area should be considered as a whole by making accurate calculations. For these formations, non-incisional or scarless operations or a range of applications with incision according to the needs may be performed. In accordance with the Doctor B’s plan for your face, we can perform operations, including eyebrow and neck lifting, upper and lower blepharoplasty, stem cell enriched fat transfer, simple rhinoplasty and spider web aesthetics. The Cihantimur Fat Transfer System is used for stem cell enriched fat transfer. In this system, some fat is removed from a regional lipoidosis area in your body and this fat is enriched with stem cells and it is used. In the human face there are 3 main bone structures, including forehead, cheekbones and jaw. If these are placed in a correct norm, the facial beauty is more proportional. Therefore, in the Full Body Reshaping application, a new face work is done for the patient as a prepared project.

After Full Face Rejuvenation

Performed by methods like Cihantimur Fat Transfer and Spider Web Aesthetic developed by Doctor B, Full Face Rejuvenation is among the applications which brings positive feedbacks. Patients experience the most comfortable process during and after the operation. We didn’t get the desired results after the operations which used to be performed, but today, we get maximum benefits due to these new methods. Since several applications are performed on the face, patients are kept under observation in hospital for up to two days and they can return to working life within 1.5, 2 weeks.

“Our faces tell so much about our age, health condition and even our emotions; it shows the good and the bad. In an average human life, who knows how many times we look at the mirror and examine our face, how we look? As we age, we get used to our look on the mirror but when we look at the old photoraphs we recognise the traces of time much more clearly. At this point, I make the face fresher and younger without any scars and I aim to help my patients to be happy when they look at the mirror” DoctorB


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