General Information About Full Body Reshaping

Total Total Body Reshaping is an application designed to gain pleasing aesthetic appearance for individuals with regional fat problems and to achieve natural curves and contours. It is a combination of techniques such as Liposculpture and the Cihantimur Fat Transfer System which helps to solve the problems associated with body shape.

The most important detail with Total Body Reshaping is the application of a body contour that requires a multidisciplinary surgeon in a single surgery session, without focusing solely on a specific body region.Individualization of these processes is very important for obtaining exceptional results.

Total Body Reshaping can consist of the following operations:Liposculpture, Cihantimur Fat Transfer System, Brazilian butt lift, removal offat from abdomen, back, legs for contour application. The procedure involves harvesting fat from unwanted areas and transferring to areas where it is needed the most,for natural curves and contours.  


• Minimal, punctal incision
• Rapid recovery process
• Shaped, contoured body
• Athletic contoured muscle lines


“Aesthetic surgery is science, it’s the form of science combined with art”  Doctor B 

What is Total Body Reshaping?

Just like our face, our bodies experience losses over time. We also observe that some forms of losses are experienced on the body because of physiological aging, gravity, genetic inheritance, and especially with women after pregnancy. No matter how thin you are, fat accumulation in certain areas, also known as regional fat pockets, is extremely resistant to diets and exercises. These form losses are usually seen as sagging, regional fatigue in various parts of the body including the umbilicus, breasts, hips and leg region.The Total Body Reshaping operation is a contour correction operation designed to solve all these problems in one session and reshape the body, with a combination of different techniques and applications to achieve the desired shape.

Who is a good candidate for Total Body Reshaping?

Total Body Reshaping. appeals to a wide audience, anyone who has excess fat, those who do not like their contour line, anyone who wants a more striking and impressive body, anyone who desires a natural look or want to enhance their size and shape. 

Examination and Consultation

Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Regional harvest areas, required receiving areas and quality and existing fat tissues are examined. During your consultation Doctor B answers all your questions, and listens and understands your expectations and makes the planning based on your desires regarding the size and shape also the techniques to be used for reshaping and the regions of your body and the operations to be performed are determined. After your measurement and evaluation, your photographs are taken for medical archive.

Total Body Reshaping Application

Total Body Reshaping is an operation where different procedures are combined together. Doctor B begins with harvesting,reshaping and transferring harvested fat cells to areas where its needed as planed. The waist loop is formed and shaped at the abdominal area. Legs and thighs are shaped and fat from the back is harvested and shaped inline with abdominal area. The fat enlargement with the Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique, Fat harvested injected to the desired areas, Doctor B successfully completes these stages as planned.

After Total Body Reshaping

Total Body Reshaping is an operation that gives the patient total regeneration in a single session and we get extremely good results. Patients experience the most comfortable processes during and after the application. Patients are kept under observation at an average of one night at the hospital and can return to their usual routine within a week.

"Swelling, bruising, and edema in aesthetic practices indicate that treatment at the cellular level has begun. In total treatments made in a single session, you need to be patient in the healing process." DoctorB


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