Information about the procedure

Total Face Rejuvenation is a facial renewal and regeneration procedure. Total Face Rejuvenation is an operation performed with the combined methods developed by Doctor B for those who want refreshed, smooth, revitalized, plump cheeks and lips to regain their confidence and happiness.

The procedure is based on a customized approach for each individual. It is highlighted that everyone is unique and that the face contour, the nose, lips, and the eyes must be in total harmony with the face. Therefore; with Total Face Rejuvenation procedure your whole face is evaluated  as a whole, completely restoring the deformations or providing an overall beauty to those aiming for a change. Total Face Rejuvenation involves performing several types of operations. However, these types of operations are determined according to the needs of the patient. Often, the procedure includes rhinoplasty, Spider Web aesthetics, eyelid aesthetics, and fat transfer.

Ideal candidates for Total Face Rejuvenation

hose who experience a total deformation on the face and those who are aiming for a more striking and impressive face, and those who have realistic expectations can benefit from this procedure. With Total Face Rejuvenation stunning and impressive results are achieved.

The physical examination for Total Face Rejuvenation starts with the interview you will have with Doctor B. The techniques and the sites of operation to be performed for the interventions on your face will be determined.

Of course, no. A customized plan of surgery specific to the problem areas on your face is scheduled for you after you inform Doctor B of those areas that you are not satisfied with.

Total Face Rejuvenation involves only the interventions needed to be performed on your face. Your nose, eyebrows, and lips should be in harmony with the appearance of your face. For this reason; your forehead, cheekbones, and chin region are evaluated as a whole by making precise calculations. To meet the identified needs, a series of interventions are performed without using a scalpel or making any incision marks. If required, a scalpel can be used for the interventions. According to the scheduled plan of interventions developed by Doctor B for improving the appearance of your face; several procedures can be performed including facial plastic surgery, eyebrow and neck aesthetics, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, stem cell-enriched fat transfer, simple rhinoplasty, and Spider Web aesthetics. Cihantimur Fat Transfer system is performed for the stem cell-enriched fat transfer procedure. In this system, some amount of fat removed from the other fat deposited parts of your body is enriched with stem cells and is used. There are 3 main bone structures on the human face; which are the forehead, cheekbones, and the jaw. The fact that these three structures are shaped in the right norms is in direct proportion to the beauty of the human face. For this reason, the Total Face Rejuvenation procedure involves a set of interventions, as a project, designed to restructure a new facial appearance.

Total Face Rejuvenation operations performed with the techniques, such as the Cihantimur Fat Transfer and Spider Web aesthetics techniques; which are developed by Doctor B himself, are the interventions achieving successful outcomes. Patients experience the most comfortable interventional processes during and after the operation. While the desired outcomes could not be achieved completely in the past; currently we observe that patients obtain maximum benefits with the use of these techniques.

Since more than one intervention is performed on the face, the patients are hospitalized for follow-up for one to two days. They can return to work in an average period of 1.5 to 2 weeks. This process may vary depending on the interventions performed for you and depending on your healing processes.

Without contacting your face with water, you can take a shower immediately after the operation and wash your hair. Our nurses will tell you when you can take a complete shower depending on the type of interventions performed on your face.


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