Information about the procedure

Total Total Body Reshaping is a procedure designed to gain pleasing aesthetic appearance for individuals with regional fat problems and to achieve natural curves and contours. It is a combination of techniques such as Liposculpture and the Cihantimur Fat Transfer System which helps to solve the problems associated with body shape. 

No matter how thin you are, fat accumulation in certain areas, also known as regional fat pockets, is extremely resistant to diets and exercises. These form losses are usually seen as sagging, regional fatigue in various parts of the body including the umbilicus, breasts, hips and leg region.The Total Body Reshaping operation is a contour correction operation designed to solve all these problems in one session and reshape the body, with a combination of different techniques and applications to achieve the desired shape.

Total Body Reshaping is a procedure approaches the body as a whole, this procedure is customized to the needs of the patient.

Candidates For Total Body Reshaping

Total Body Reshaping. appeals to a wide audience, anyone who has excess fat, those who do not like their contour line, anyone who wants a more striking and impressive body, anyone who desires a natural look or want to enhance their size and shape and anyone having realistic expectations can benefit from the total body reshaping procedure.

Using 1-2 cm deep entry points in the selected areas of the body, the undesired regional fat deposits that aesthetically disturb the patient are removed with the liposculpture technique of the Cihantimur Fat Transfer system. The fat in the abdominal area is remodeled along the muscle line, creating appropriate folds. The harvested fat is enriched with stem cells and transferred to the desired areas. According to patient preferences and after the approval of Doctor B; the fat can be transferred to several areas in the body; including the breasts, lips, face, hips, and legs. Since the fat transfer procedure is performed through thin cannulas inserted in 1-2 cm entry points, large incisions are not needed.

Stem cells represent a source of life. They facilitate the viability of the fat tissue, bringing along the advantage of rejuvenation in the region, where it is transferred. If the harvested fat tissue is transferred without it is processed, its survival will be difficult. However; stem cell-enriched fat offers a lifelong advantage, which will age with the patient, as long as the instructions are followed appropriately. It promotes wound healing and rejuvenates.

Doctor B can harvest the fat from any region, where fat deposits exist. Especially from the hips, legs, abdomen, back, belly, jowl, arms… Harvested fat is centrifuged in an airtight system and the effective portion of stem cells is isolated, becoming concentrated and ready to be transferred. Each procedure is performed fresh in the operating suite.

In BBL, the aim is to transfer the harvested fat from the body to the butt area to achieve the appropriate and desired augmentation. In Total Body Reshaping; the area, where the fat is harvested, is restructured and contours are created. Then, the harvested fat is transferred to different selected regions in the body. In short; while the target is only the hip region in BBL, Total Body Reshaping aims to sculpture the whole body.

Incisions consist only of the entry points of grain size, where the fat is harvested and transferred. The number of these entry points will be determined by the number of regions to be restructured in your body.

Anyone with regional fat depositions in the body; aiming to get abdominal contours along with curvy female body lines or a strong male body image can choose to undergo this operation.

If you follow the instructions and don't lose or gain large amounts of weight, you will maintain the new body contours. However; aging is a physiological process with a potential to lead to some deformations developing later in life.

Each surgery is associated with a certain risk of potential complications. Doctor B and his team work in a professional manner to lead you through a comfortable and healthy process completely.

The use of compression garments and BBL pillow use; if BBL is performed, is very important in fat transfers to the hips. These instructions will be provided to you both in writing and verbally as an instruction sheet of postoperative procedures. Compression garments are of critical importance for minimizing the developing edema, regulating the blood circulation via the compression exerted on the appropriate regions, and contributing to the healing process. Furthermore, the use of BBL pillow is very important as it provides a significant advantage for the survival of the transferred fat. Depending on the procedures you undergo, you can return to work after an average of 1.5-2 weeks.

After the required follow-ups and the approval of Doctor B, you can return to your country after a week.

Unless otherwise instructed, you can take a shower after 3 days.

You can have sexual intercourse after 2 weeks.


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