Information about the procedure

The sensitive area around the eyes is an extremely important area that is affected by the aging process, causing a tired, older, and sleepless appearance. Stem Cell Injection is an anti aging treatment in which the mature stem cells derived from the patient’s own body are used to treat the damaged tissues. Stem cell-assisted eyelid aesthetics is ideal for giving a fresh and youthful appearance to the eye area.Stem cell-assisted eyelid aesthetics aimed to rejuvenate the whole area by making use of the advantages of stem cells. This intervention provides benefits for under-eye bags and drooping eyelids. The major effect of aging is the loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is mostly felt in the extremely sensitive area around the eyes. In order to restore the lost subcutaneous adipose tissue, stem cells harvested from the patient's fat is injected in the area around the eyes. 

A drooping upper eyelid, interfering with the patient's field of view, is treated. The under-eye bags causing a tired, sulky, old, and unhealthy look on the face are removed. Stem cell-enriched fat is injected in the area between the cheek and the eye, where depression occurs over time. Stem Cell-Assisted Eyelid aesthetics utilize radio frequency technology, allowing the surgery to be performed with micro interventions and without any incisions or use of scalpels. In short; Doctor B's Stem Cell-Assisted Eyelid aesthetics address the area of intervention as a whole similar to other types of his aesthetic interventions; to resolve potential problems in the eye area.

Ideal candidates for Stem Cell-Assisted Eyelid aesthetics

Patients, mainly complain to Doctor B, about drooping eyelids, most patients complain that they need to pull the eyelids of the skin upwards to have a wider view as this pathology impairs their field of vision. They also complain that they constantly look sad and as if they lack energy due to the drooping eyelids; which develop as a deformation associated with aging. Furthermore, most of our female patients underline the difficulties of having a proper make-up. Anyone; experiencing all these possible issues around the eye area and having realistic expectations, can undergo Stem Cell-Assisted Eyelid aesthetics.

We often perform the procedure under general anesthesia.

During the upper eyelid aesthetics, the excess tissue of the skin, muscle, and adipose tissue are easily removed with a small incision hidden in the upper eyelid crease. During the lower eyelid surgery, a radio frequency-assisted incision is made into the lower eyelid inside the line of the eyelashes and the fat cushions causing the bagging are removed. The fat harvested from the patient's adipose tissue is enriched with stem cells is injected repeatedly. This intervention corrects the wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and the depressions in the area between the cheek and the lower eyelid.

Patients may experience some swelling and bruising for one to two weeks. Patients sometimes experience dryness, itching or burning in the eyes; or vice versa, they may experience excessive tear production, sensitivity to bright light, etc. All of these are temporary problems and easily recovered with appropriate supportive drug therapies.

We recommend the patients to rest for five to ten days, and then, return to work after this period. The Doctor B Team will provide you with the information regarding the early postoperative care.

The healing process is different for each patient but we usually recommend patients to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. There is nothing wrong with your daily walks.


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