Information about the procedure

For the penis aesthetics procedures, Doctor B uses the fat transfer technique. This procedure is one of the most commonly used methods, thickening the penis and elongating it to a certain extent. With this method, the harvested fat from another part of the body is enriched with stem cells and injected with thin cannulae peripherally around the penis between its skin and body.

Ideal candidates for penis aesthetics

Men; who are not satisfied with the size of their penis, who are over 18 years old, and who have realistic expectations are the ideal candidates.

In the operating room environment, approximately a fat amount of 100 cc is collected with liposuction from the abdomen or flanks of the patient. The harvested fat is centrifuged, yielding a stem cell amount of 40-50 cc. After the obtained solution is injected into several areas around the penis, the procedure is completed.

Yes, it is a reproducible procedure and it does not cause any harm. We observe that it not only thickens the penis, but also increases the sexual performance and resolves some other issues like erection problems. Fat can be transferred to a particular patient more than once.

No, this procedure completely preserves the urinary tract parts and the parts of the penis involved in erection. In the long term after the procedure, you will not experience any deformities or erection problems.

No. No volume enhancement is applied to the head of the penis (glans penis).

You can go back to your sex life after 2-3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks following the operation, you can masturbate.

No, it is a not painful procedure.

No, you won't have any problems while urinating.

With the injection of fat, an enlargement from 8-9 cm to 16-17 cm is observed in the penis. But it should be kept in mind that some thinning will occur over time due to the absorption of some of the transferred fat.

At the end of the month following the recovery period, a PRP treatment to the penis for up to 5 sessions, without any surgery, will provide much better results.


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