Information about the procedure

One of the major aesthetic problems, preventing individuals to lead a comfortable life, is having disproportionate legs, which are difficult to cover and which cast a shadow on the aesthetic appearance of the body. Leg beautification is a safe, simple, and often a painless procedure; which involves fat transfer via small entry points. This technique of Doctor B solves the problem of skewness and disproportion between the upper and lower legs without intervening with the bone and provides an aesthetic leg appearance.

Ideal candidates for leg beautification

Individuals; who suffers from fat dispersion in their upper or lower leg and people whose upper or lower legs are too thick or thin or anyone who has Knock-kneed or disproportional legs can be a good candidate for Leg Beautification. 

The fat is removed with micro entry points and without making any incisions. Again, via the micro incisions, the fat is injected into the legs, reshaping them as desired. In order to provide maximum comfort to the patient and to get rid of the problematic appearance of the legs quickly and effectively, Doctor B uses Cihantimur Fat Transfer, which is a technique developed by himself. Whether they develop due to bone deformation or disproportionate fat distribution, crooked legs can be corrected with Cihantimur Fat Transfer unless there is a problem to be solved by reconstructive surgery.

Only in advanced forms of crooked legs, a repeat Cihantimur Oil Transfer is needed. This technique; which evades the potential risks of crooked leg correction surgery, is a reproducible approach, allowing to solve the problem at one intervention.

After the leg beautification, the greatest advantages of the procedure are immediately experienced. You will not stay out of your social life. Although the duration of convalescence varies from patient to patient, it is extremely short. A minimum degree of pain, bruising, and swelling is expected. You can leave the hospital on the same day or the next day and you can return to work within a few days.

You can take a shower on the 2nd day after the operation

It is recommended that you start activities that make the legs work after at least 3 weeks. If you start earlier, you may experience pain and edema.


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