It is very important that you read and follow the instructions below before undergoing any surgery. By following these instructions, you will have taken the first steps towards a healthy process.


Four weeks before the operation

  • Once your surgery is approved, contact your healthcare consultant.
  • Inform Doctor B Team about your medical history and any medications you are taking.
  • We recommend that you stop smoking and consuming nicotine products at least 4 weeks before the date of your surgery
  • There is no need for a special diet before surgery but try to eat a healthy and regular diet.

Two weeks before the surgery

  • Stop using any aspirin (or aspirin-containing products) or blood thinners after the approval of the Doctor B team.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your surgeon; discontinue all vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal and homeopathic medication supplements after the approval of the Doctor B Team.

One week before the surgery

  • Delegate your responsibilities at work and at home and reschedule your agenda.
  • Identify your companion at the hospital and inform the Doctor B Team
  • If there no one to acompany you, contact Doctor B Team.

The night before the surgery

  • Take a shower and if Doctor B suggests a medication, take it. Have a light dinner and drink water sufficiently.
  • Remove your nail polish, jewelry, and body jewellery.


  • After midnight; do not eat, drink or take anything orally unless indicated otherwise.
  • Make a list of all the medicines you take regularly and submit to the Doctor B Team.
  • Always consult Doctor B and Doctor B team, before taking any medications.

In the morning of the surgery

  • When you wake up in the morning; take your medicine as prescribed with a small sip of water after your doctor's approval.
  • Do not eat or drink anything.
  • Do not put on any makeup, lotion, cream, mascara, deodorant, body spray, etc.
  • Don't wear any jewelry or ornaments.
  • Wearing a casual and comfortable outfit, be present at the hospital at the time you were scheduled.



  • At the hospital, your dedicated Doctor B team member will meet you. You will be accompanied by your health care consultant.
  • Your medical photos will taken before the operation.
  • The nurse will review your medical history and the anesthesiologist will examine you.
  • Remind the team if you are allergic to anything.
  • You will meet with Doctor B, who will mark the sites of surgery and answer your questions.
  • An intravascular line will be established and you will be taken to the operating room.
  • After the administration of anesthesia, the operation will start.



If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking before the surgery. If you cannot stop smoking completely, we will be advise that you stop it for a period. Although the results of academic studies, investigating how long you should stop smoking before the surgery are variable; we recommend that you stop smoking at least 4 weeks before the surgery. You should also not smoke in the postoperative period (at least for 6 weeks after surgery). Nicotine patches or nicotine gums are not acceptable alternatives. Nicotine causes clogging in the small blood vessels and reduces the blood flow to specific areas. At the sites of surgery, blood flow may occur via very small blood vessels. When you smoke, you cause these very small blood vessels to become narrower and you start having the risk of infection. Then, your tissues do not heal properly and even some of your tissues may die, becoming necrotic. We would like all of our patients to be satisfied with the outcomes and, therefore, we warn you of the risks of complications, which can be caused by smoking.

Drugs / Medications

Stop taking blood thinning medications at least one week before the surgery.


Do not drink alcohol at least three days before the surgery.

Your prescription drugs

Be sure to inform your doctor about your prescribed medications during your pre-operative examination.

Herbal supplements

Most people are unaware of the risks that most herbal supplements can cause. Please inform your doctor about the herbal supplements you take.

Illegal Drugs

We ask these questions only for your safety. Please let us know if you use illicit drugs, including but not limited to cannabis or cocaine.

Vitamin E and Zinc

Excess doses of Vitamin E and Zinc can compromise your immune system, damage your organs, and interact with antibiotics. Therefore, avoid taking these supplements 1 week before and 1 week after the surgery.


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