Breast Beautification is performed by using methods developed by Doctor B. This technique evaluates the problems in the breasts as a whole, involves breast augmentation when necessary. Doctor B combines Spider Web Aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer at the breast area to restore healthy breast contours, achieve a fuller cleavage, balance asymmetries or to shape uneven breasts. Cihantimur Fat Transfer allows harvesting the fat from the patient's body, enriching it with stem cells and using it as a filler to achieve the desired sizes. Spider Web aesthetics is performed on as-needed basis, Breast Beautification is intended to correct saggy breasts and improve patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions.

Ideal candidates for breast beautification

I who do not have breasts that are too droopy, those who don’t have elasticity problems on their skin, those who want to make their breasts larger and if there is enough fat tissue to perform fat transfer to the breasts. It can be performed for people of all ages but it is essential for the breasts to have completed their developmental process and those

Most women think that they should not undergo breast operations before they have children. The underlying consideration of this misbelief is a major concern that they will experience nursing difficulties. However; breast beautification is performed in a way not to involve the mammary glands; therefore, nursing the infant will not be hindered at all.

Your scars will be minor at the sites of fat harvesting and fat transfer. They will be vague and they will fade away over time. In the Spider Web procedure, no scars will be left in the breasts.

Approximately an increase of 1 cup size occurs.

This varies from one patient to another. We will spend our best efforts to ensure that you will go through a comfortable process.

You can take a shower on the next day of the procedure.


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