Doctor B, developed an alternative technique that takes the Arm Beautification operation to another level. Spider Web Aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer are combined to remove all problems. No-scar Arm Beautification application provides a firm look at the sagging arm area with a short healing process and no incisions are made in contrast to a classical arm lift.

This operation involves the placement of longer threads compared to the ones used for the face in spider web aesthetics. This way, the sagging skin is lifted primarily. The main cause of the arm sagging is the fat tissue succumbing to gravity. The arms end up being wrapped with expanded skin on a group of weakened muscles that are all pulled down with the sagging fat tissue. In arm beautification, Doctor B fortifies the arms. The inner parts of the arms are restored with the Spider Web technique and, then, appropriate amounts of fat is transferred in these areas and the appearance of the arms are restored without scarring.

Ideal candidates for Arm Beautification

The ideal candidates are those; who do not have excessive sagging and those who has a general loss of form and want a firm and aesthetic arms and those who wish to take precautions against future sagging can be good candidates for Arm Beautification operation.

Initially, a circular web is built inside the arms without removing the skin. This procedure results in shrinkage of the skin as it happens in the face undergoing spider web aesthetics. This procedure also facilitates the synthesis of collagen, restoring the fitness of the arms as they looked previously. The sagging fat that pulls down the skin of the arms is removed with liposuction and the collected fat is transferred to the upper arm region.

If we perform the Spider Web aesthetics as a stand-alone procedure, sagging will likely occur again over time. For this reason, fat transfer is combined with the spider web aesthetics procedure so that the injected fat will recover the underlying muscles, interacting with the absorbable medical threads. This extra procedure provides additional benefits in the healing process, reinforcing the immediate restoration in the arms.

There will be no incisions because the procedure does not involve any excision of the skin or fat tissue. This contributes to the healing process significantly. For all of the abovementioned reasons, it is a repeatable procedure.

Owing to the healing effect of stem cells, a rapid recovery process is experienced. The patient is hospitalized for one day on average and can return to work in 2-3 days.

Yes, we are going to recommend that you put on compression garments on your arms for a certain period. It will be beneficial if you put them on for one week.

You can take a shower on the 2nd day after the operation


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