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Brazilian Butt Lift, technically known as a gluteoplasty (a 'BBL') is a procedure designed to augment or modify the appearance of the buttocks, The procedure is an incredibly safe and straightforward way of adding volume and curve to a flat, unshapely or unproportioned derriere.

BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Doctor B uses the lipomatic device for the quick and safe removal of fat cells, as well as for reshaping procedures. This system enables the surgeon to maneuver back and forth in small and rapid movements during the journey of the cannula in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. At the same time, it protects the blood vessels during these maneuvers.

The harvested fat is then centrifuged and enriched with stem cells and injected into the planned areas. The fat is transferred to the buttocks to create the desired shape. The amount of fat transfer depends on the patient's wishes and the amount that Doctor B predicted during the planning process.

The small cannula ports are then closed. The patient is dressed in surgical compression garments.Patients are awakened in the postoperative suite under the supervision of the anesthesiologist and the anesthesiology nurse and once the patient is awake they are transferred to his or her room.

<>Ideal Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift can be a great option for those looking to add more definition to their buttocks.People having sufficient amount of regional fat deposit to reshape. Brazilian butt Lift operation wont only solve the regional lipoidosis problem but also provides you with the desired butt shape and size.

Some edema may occur immediately after the operation. When the edema resolves, about 20% to 30% reduction in the volume and appearance of the reshaped buttock may develop. The transferred fat will undergo the same aging process with you; however, the patient is recommended to follow some instructions to maintain the amount of transferred fat.

It varies from person to person. However; if post-operative instructions are followed carefully, almost all of the transferred fat will survive after the resolution of the edema.

To increase the amount of surviving fat, wear the compression garments according to the instructions. While sitting, use BBL pillows for at least 3-4 weeks after the operation. When you are lying down, choose to lie in the side position. Do not smoke or consume any tobacco products. Do not engage in aggressive workouts for 6-8 weeks.

Aesthetic surgery, as its name implies, aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the individual. None of these procedures will help you lose weight, but they will help you to have significant contours.

Small incisions with no significant depth are made in the skin as the openings to the most innermost and covered regions, in a way to leave no scars. We reduce the scar development to a minimum with the postoperative use of anti-scar creams, which we are going to prescribe you.

No, an enema will not be performed. However, an indwelling urinary catheter can be used depending on the duration of the operation.

Normally, all sutures are placed under the skin and do not need to be removed after surgery.

This depends on the job of the patient. You can return to work after an average of one week. You can sit back with support after one week. If you have a desk job that you usually perform in the sitting position, we recommend that you use BBL pillows for at least three weeks.

You can start short walks immediately on the night after the surgery under the supervision of the nurse. And, please continue taking short walks for the first week. After this period of healing, you may start taking normal walks. In the sixth week, you can start brisk walking and swimming or you can start light workouts. From the eighth week on, you can start sports activities.

Unless otherwise specified, you can take a shower 2 days after the surgery. Wear your body compression garment again after the shower, immediately after you completely dry yourself off.

It's up to you; you can drive when you feel good and when you start giving proper reflex responses. Avoid unnecessary risks.

The liposculpture performed during this process removes most of the regional fat cells in the area of intervention. However, a small number of fat cells will remain there. If you gain weight after the surgery, the remaining fat cells will swell. The extracted fat cells will be removed completely; however, if you gain weight, the few remaining fat cells will expand.

If you lose a significant amount of weight after a BBL operation, the fat cells transferred to your hips will shrink just like the fat cells in the rest of your body. This may also cause your hips to shrink; however, they will not look like as they did before the operation.

Yes, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia after examining the health status of the individuals in the preoperative period. This is a safe and convenient way to perform most operations. The Doctor B anesthesia team consists of reliable and professional specialists. They schedule the processes while being completely focused on the patient during and after the operation.

This is variable depending on the patient. However, the process normally takes 2-3 hours.

Yes. It would be better if a family member or friend stays with you for at least 24 hours after the surgery. If a companion is not available, the members of the Doctor B Team will be able to provide you a companion service with a warm and professional approach.


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