Aesthetic surgery is a global industry and rapidly developing area of expertise. Education and training, is one of the most important steps of aesthetic and plastic surgery, it is carried out under the roof of B Academy and Doctor B serves as a lecturer.

B Academy, provides an outstanding platform for superior professional training, which enables you to receive both theoretical and practical training from all over the world, at a state-of-the-art facility within the range of the requested or specified subjects.

At B Academy, you can learn more about this fascinating and exciting medicine, create and develop your own practice, or be in front of your competitors by learning advanced and specialized aesthetic procedures. B Academy works with the best surgeons and doctors and delivers a superior education. Step by step presentation is the focus of the images and practical training. Participating in a B Academy course allows you to develop new skills, guides and advises you in your aesthetic medical practice.

Please visit the website of B Academy to get detailed information about Doctor B courses and training.


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