Medical tourism agencies and facilitators are an important part of the medical tourism industry, helping patients to engage in medical tourism.

Partnership Program we have established, once again will become a source of inspiration in this sector, with its exclusive infrastructure and operating system. It is a project which provides lots of advantages for both our partner agencies and potential patients and enables agencies to invest and generate profit without taking any risks, all they need is good communication skills with potential patients.

Doctor B is a brand that dominates the sector both in Turkey and abroad, with over two decades of experience, our talented medical experts are amongst the best in their respective fields. We offer a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the breast, face and body, as well as organic hair transplantation and dental treatments.

Doctor B brand gained global reputation for its unique treatments and techniques developed by our founder, applications and techniques that are non-surgical, no incision and faster recovery which is very attractive and advantageous for patients who are considering aesthetics and medical applications.

Partnership program enables you to reachout to thousands of potential patients and turn them into patients and earn considerable amount of income on each patient.

Partners program is an online application system that directs the potential patients who wants to get services via Health Tourism.

If you want further information and become a Doctor B partner, you are more than welcome to contact us.


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