General Information About Arm Beautification

Even though the arm beautification surgeries are commonly preferred, it is among the surgeries which patients change their minds before the operation due to the scar problems. Developed by Doctor B, no-scar Arm Beautification application provides a firm look at the sagging arm area with a short healing process. Spider Web Aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer are combined to remove all problems and this takes the Arm Beautification application to another level. 


• Safe and simple
• No Scars
• Short recovery period
• Tighter skin
• No pain


“I developed the Spider Web Aesthetic five years ago and I firstly started using it on the face area. By means of modern technology and my increasing studies and experiences on the subject, I declare this: Spider Web Aestethic is going to terminate most of the surgical aesthetic applications as well as arm lift surgeries” DoctorB 

What is Arm Beautification?

Arm Beautification is an operation that is performed on the upper arm skin which is drooping and loosened due to aging and weight loss. It is possible to strengthen the upper arm muscles with arm exercises however, you cannot eliminate the existing sagging, fat deposit or excess skin. Arm Fit is also known as Brachioplasty in the medical literature and it is a surgical method which reshapes the upper arm contour by removing the excess skin and fat tissue between the armpits and elbows to provide a more proportional look. In more advanced operations, a long incision scar remains inside the upper arm. Due to the Arm Beautification surgery, upper arms look younger and firmer and helps the patients to regain their self-esteem and wear short sleeved clothes.

But it leaves scars.

The scar issue becomes very challenging since we are working on a visible area. Developed by Doctor B and applied to make the face look younger and wrinkle free, Spider Web Aesthetic can be used for Arm Beautification as well. Compared to the face, longer threads are used and the sagging skin is formed. The main reason of a sagging arm is related to the fat tissue, which is affected by gravity. There is a sagging skin, weakened muscles and a drooping fat tissue is left on the arms. In other words, Arm Beautification strengthens the muscles. After the inner arm area is shaped with Spider Web Aesthetic and a reasonable amount of fat transfer is performed, the arms get a nice form without any surgery.

Who can get Arm Beautification?

Those who have drooping, sagging arms that has a general loss of form and want to get firm and aesthetic arms can get an Arm Beautification application.

"Arm Beautification strengthens the muscles. You can think of it as strengthening work performed on the buildings. In other words, we support the weakened parts” DoctorB 

Examination of Arm Beautification

Current situation of your arms is checked during Arm Beautification examination performed by Doctor B. The number of threads to be used, the amount of fat to be removed are determined and planned according to the loss of form in your arms. Also, Doctor B answers your questions and listens to your expectations for your arms. Your photographs are taken for medical archive and your arms are measured.

Application of Arm Beautification

The Arm Beautification operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. A circular web is placed on the area without removing the skin and this causes the skin to begin shrinking as it happens on the face. Meanwhile, the production of collagen increases and arms get their younger form. If we only perform Spider Web Aesthetic, it is possible for the patient to experience a sagging problem again. That’s why, fat is injected to the area. It interacts with the medical threads placed there and this process builds up the muscles underneath. The fat used here is the fat injection enriched with stem cells. When fat is ready for injection, it is taken from the fat layer that causes sagging. Briefly, the fat tissue, which causes the sagging problem is moved up to where it’s supposed to be. While it is being placed again, the removed fat is enriched with stem cells and injected into the appropriate area. This is beneficial for the recovery period and it allows instant healing.

After Arm Beautification

Since Arm Beautification is performed without removing skin and fat, an incision is not required. This makes an extremely large contribution to the healing process. It is an application that can be repeated for the same reasons. Due to the impact of the stem cells, a rapid recovery process is experienced. Patients spend approximately one day in hospital and they can go back to their business life in 2-3 days.


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